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Discussion Session with OBOG

Date and time:2020/09/26 13:00

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Discussion Session with OBOG

Date and time:2020/09/26 13:00

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Date and time:2020/08/08 13:00

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Casual session

Date and time:2020/07/04 12:00

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(Event was cancelled) Learn the tips to pass the job-interview of Japanese companies by Panasonic employee directly!

Date and time:2020/05/16 19:30

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Informal session with Panasonic employees

Date and time:2020/02/19 18:00

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Experience a Job-Interview of TOYOTA

Date and time:2020/01/20 18:30

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Interaction with DENSO employees

Date and time:2019/11/15 18:00

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Casual meet up with ALUMNI who got a ideal job in Japan

Date and time:2019/11/11 18:00

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Casual exchange with the Japanese manufacturing industry

Date and time:2019/08/08 18:00

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How to succeed job interviews ?

Date and time:2019/07/26 18:15

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Informal Session with Global companies

Date and time:2019/07/16 18:00

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Informal session with TOYOTA employees

Date and time:2019/07/12 18:00

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Personalized consultation about your job-hunting in Japan

Date and time:2019/04/17 13:30

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[For Machine・ Electrical and electronic students] Interact with rapidly growing "MTG"

Date and time:2019/04/09 18:00

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Job Fair that you can interact with 20+ executives

Date and time:2019/03/01 11:00

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Interact with rapidly growing IT company

Date and time:2019/02/14 18:00

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Interact with the traditional Japanese inns and hotels

Date and time:2019/02/07 18:00

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Workshop at Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Date and time:2019/01/22 18:00

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Lightning Talk

Date and time:2018/11/22 18:30