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Personalized consultation about your job-hunting in Japan

Professional advisors will introduce you to the company that suits you. You can get advice and tips of interviews!


**Please write what time you can come in "その他Inquiry" of application form.
*Anytime you can come.
*Please make reservation before you come.


The professional advisor who teach a career at each university will consult your troubles!

・ How to write a resume
・ How answer at the interview
・ Where is the company that suits me?
・ I want to go to a large company, what should I do?


Solve your personalized problems!
I think it will be a good opportunity to have a casual face-to-face chat.

It is okay without a reservation.
However I hope you send message from "Consult" button before you come.

Every students who belong any universities, Japanese language schools and technical schools are available!
If you are already working (Middle-career) and would like to consult, please come by all means.

~~~~ You can consult with such a following person ~~~~~
Graduated from Graduate School of Engineering (Materials).
Worked at a major IT company.
After that, I was a counseling adviser for foreign students,
I have consulted with over 500 international students each year and have been offering advice and introducing companies.
You can also consult in English!

As we can go for consultation other than this schedule,
Please feel free to "consult"!

Date and time
2019/04/17 13:30 ~ 19:00
Nagoya University NIC building
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
Number of participants

You can choose time.

Participating companies
Eligible applicants

Who hope to consult about job