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Informal Session with Global companies

Let’s have casual interaction with various companies over foods and drinks!


Global companies (Machine, Biology, Medical product, Chemistry etc..) that hope to int’l students will come.
It is a rare chance for you to sit and talk with top business people in Japan!

After ice break and becoming friendly with companies,
let's ask about Japanese corporate culture, job description, etc...
It's very casual and you can have fun!

Such following students should come!!
・ Who hope to work in Japan
Please confirm if it is a company that suits you!
If you are interested, please visit the company after event!
・Who are not decided to work in Japan yet, but interested in working in Japan in the future
At the time of discussion, please ask about Japanese culture and how to work in Japan, what is important to get a job in Japan!

* There are also some interpreters! Even those who can not speak Japanese can discuss with companies!
* We also prepare halal food!

Date and time
2019/07/16 18:00 ~ 20:00
Gifu University Campus General Education Building Commons 1A · B
Gifu University
Number of participants

18:00 Start & Icebreaker
18:10 brief description of companies
18:45 Ice break
19:00 Interaction with companies

Participating companies
5 Global companies
Eligible applicants