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Experience a Job-Interview of TOYOTA

Why don't you experience and understand yourself that you want to do in your life through job-interview of Japanese global company


Experience a job interview with the former HR Manager of Toyota, Mr.Kawashita.
This is a great opportunity for students even if you want to be an observer.
You will learn :
・How to face job-interview in Japan
・What should you prepare before an interview.

Additionally, the ability to think is very important for Japanese companies.
Let’s experience or observe, and learn!

You get the chance to know about your career development and what you want to do through Japanese unique “job interviews that require self-analysis".
A TOYOTA employee would gently ask many questions about your self-analysis.
You will answer those questions and understand what you want to do.
Even if you just watch that, you can notice many things.

【the style of the event】
The trial job-interviewees can experience the job-interview with Mr.Kawashima in front of the classroom.
The audience can observe the job-interviews in back of the classroom, and learn how to do the Job-Interview and self-analysis.

The trial job interviewees: 2 students
Observer: 60 students

【How to apply】
1. For the students who want to experience a job interview,
Please fill out the form!
Please fill out “I want to experience a job interview” at “Others” in the form.
After applying, we will send you the necessary preparation items.

2. For the students who wants to observe the job interview,
Please press the application button and fill out the form!

Date and time
2020/01/20 18:30 ~ 20:00
Nagoya University Graduate School of International Development Building 207
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
Number of participants

1. Greeting and a brief explanation of job-hunting procedures
2. Mr. Kawashita's self-introduction and a brief explanation of Toyota Motor Corporation
3. Job-interview training, Practice (One-on-one)
One student who has applied in advance will try it.
Let's experience a job interview with comments!
4. Job-Interview training, On-the-job training (One-on-one)
The other students who has applied in advance will try it.
Let’s try a job interview like a live performance!
5. Feedback, we will tell you about the recommended job-interview measures.
6. Question-and-answer session

Participating companies
Toyota Motor Corporation
Eligible applicants

Anyone can participate the event.