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Lightning Talk

Let's share a short presentation that related to IT


◯What’s “LT”
A presentation in a format that keeps presentations done in a short time of about 5 minutes continuously. It takes the initials of "Lightning Talk (s)" and is abbreviated as "LT".

◯LT's theme · What should I do at LT?
It is okay if it is related to IT. Engineering, design, and other interesting story! Although the presentation frame is five minutes, even if it is short, it is OK at all. Because it is only students, feel free to make a society loose.

LT content (example)
• Recent topics
• Introduction of my work until now (Things that struggled and stuck)
• Talk of newly challenged technology
• I am doing the design like this

There used to be such a title LT before.
• About the color scheme of web design
• Mac standard preview. make full use of App
• Machine learning is not magic
• Personally introduce the wonder of AWS
• IT circumstances of each country that we found in Europe travel

☆ Person who wants LT
Please describe the your theme to "Inquiry" at the time of entry!
☆ Person who want to hear LT
Please apply!

*This event is hold in English and Japanese.

Date and time
2018/11/22 18:30 ~ 20:00
Nagoya University NIC Building 3rd floor
Aichi Prefecture, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya Furo-cho
Number of participants

18: 00 reception
18: 30 Start Icebreaker
18: 35 Presentation (5 minutes × 6 people + Question )
20: 00 End

*Wanted presenter who hope to talk in Japanese or English.

Participating companies
Eligible applicants

Engineering and design, and other interesting stories are interested in international and Japanese students

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