Recruitment of engineers to develop 3D control system software for intelligent industrial robots!

Good points of this company

Let's do manufacturing seriously.
We aim to support the future of Japanese Manufacturing and lead people to the future through technology.
Now, we are recruiting people who sympathize with our vision and who want to work with us seriously.



Salary (annual income)

Salary is determined by interview
¥3,000,000yen 〜 ¥6,000,000yen/year
Number of bonuses for 1 year : 0
Bonus achievement (〇 month salary) : 0.0

Work location


Job Description

We develop a program in C++ to detect and measure characteristic shapes using 3D point clouds as input.
We also tune the algorithms for faster processing on a PC.

Relationship country

No collaborating country

Career paths

I want you to work in Japan forever
I would like to have a long-term success as a software engineer in Japan.

Major / Department

Information, Mathematics, Electrical and Electronic, Machine,

Necessary skills and knowledge

C ++ programming, the three-dimensional shape processing, OpenGL programming

Ideal candidate

・Person who can create future by own idea, technology, and active.
・Person who can work hard considering companions, and share happiness with them.

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you can get more information.

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All of our recruitments are for international students.

No japanese

Japanese proficiency is NOT required

Your Senpai passed interviews in English or Indonesian, and other languages. Japanese language is required when you work, but some companies don’t require Japanese language in the interview.

Advanced tech

Companies with the latest technology

Most companies with cutting-edge technology, such as top level technology companies, or AI manufacturers are recruiting excellent international students.


Job-Hunting Event

We hold many events such as casual interaction party with DENSO and TOYOTA staff, and seminars to learn about Japanese job-hunting culture.


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You can generate a good Japanese resume in ONLY 3 MIN’s. The resume generated from our system is good for the companies' screening process.


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We’ll give you some major points asked in interviews. For example, what questions are usually asked or how to respond appropriately. These points vary depending on the company.


Q1Is this really for free?

Free money

A1. Yes, absolutely. Our finances are provided by our corporate parteners. So we don’t charge you any fee. You can feel free to use all our services as you want.

Q2Will I receive unnecesary emails?

E mail

A2. No never. We send only information that suit you.. We'll send 3 kinds of emails.
1. Job Recommendation mail
2. Events mail
3. Job Offer mail