Wanted who will return to Indonesia in the future and become factory managers of automobile!!

Good points of this company

We are an automobile parts manufacturer that makes exterior parts such as radiator grills, and functional parts such as door mirrors and door handles that make use of Japan's leading surface treatment technology. We consistently handle development, design, and manufacturing. We have 5 domestic production bases and 5 overseas production bases. Recently, we are making progress toward the commercialization of a camera monitoring system.



Salary (monthly income)

Academy graduate: ¥226,300 yen / month
Undergraduate: ¥208,380 yen / month
Number of bonuses for 1 year : 2
Bonus achievement (〇 month salary) : 5.2

Work location


Job Description

We are looking for people who can do facility management and production management at each factory!

Relationship country


Career paths

I want you to return to your home country after working in Japan for several years
After learning the production technology in Japan, we hope you will back to your home country to be the management of the factory.

Major / Department

All subjects,

Necessary skills and knowledge


Ideal candidate

Curious, those who can actively act in everything.

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